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The “war” against the 1987 Constitution has been launched from two fronts – one from the House of Representatives through people’s initiative by specifically making the voting procedure in the Constituent Assembly as joint voting collectively by Representatives and Senators, and not separately by the two Chambers; and the second is from the Senate through amendments by a Constituent Assembly with the House and Senate voting separately.

On the question whether the Constituent Assembly must vote separately by Chamber or jointly among the Representatives and Senators, I am not changing my position that there must be a joint voting because the Members of the Congress are not acting as legislators but as members of a constituent assembly where one member is entitled to one vote individually and not through their respective Houses, as impliedly held in Gonzales vs. Comelec (G.R. No. 192856, March 8, 2011).

The “EDSA-pwera” charter change ad campaign is part of the Marcos family’s continuing demonization of the Edsa People’s Power Revolution which ousted the Marcos dictatorship and helped install the “Cory Constitution” or the present 1987 Philippine Constitution.