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Rm. N-411, House of Representatives, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
+63 2 931 5497, +63 2 931 5001 local 7370

The Liberal Party of the Philippines has been a beacon of democratic liberalism, an unwavering advocate of social justice, and a steadfast champion of good governance for almost eight decades as it celebrates its 78th founding anniversary today.

Since its foundation in 1946, the Liberal Party has remained at the forefront of promoting progressive ideals and forward-thinking leadership; fostering inclusive and accountable governance; and defending the rights and welfare of the Filipino people.

While the LP has dwindled in terms of numbers and faces a myriad of challenges, hiatus is not an option. In fact, now is the time to perpetuate the legacies of LP. We may be now small in numbers but we are far from insignificant. For what we lack in numbers we compensate for with the unquestionable quality and excellence of our members. 

We take pride in our long history of upholding democratic principles and advocating for a just and equitable society, including the Party‚Äôs iconic legacies on democratic liberalism, good governance and accountability, genuine people empowerment, and opposition to oppression and despotism, among others. 

But more than merely basking in the glory of a sterling past, LP members must also abide by, sustain, and enhance these invaluable legacies while intensifying our campaign for new members, encouraging participatory initiatives from the current membership, and fostering education on leadership, party discipline, and loyalty. 

We recognize that there is much work to be done but we are up to the challenge. 

With a renewed sense of purpose, the Liberal Party will continue to engage in meaningful dialogue, forge strategic alliances, and mobilize its members to effect positive change in the lives of all Filipinos.

As LP President, I extend my gratitude to all LP members, supporters, and partners who have stood with us throughout the years. Your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have been instrumental in advancing our shared vision of a progressive and prosperous Philippines.