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EIGHTY-ONE days from today, on May 9, 2022, millions of enfranchised Filipinos will troop to the polls to elect their leaders and representatives from the president to the last municipal councilor. The efficacy of democratic elections in the Philippines will again be put to the test against the backdrop of the 2021 Democratic Index Report of the UK-based research group Economist Intelligence Unit classifying the country as a “flawed democracy” and ranked it 54th out of 167 countries, trailing Malaysia (39th); Timor Leste (43rd); and Indonesia (52nd) in the Association of South East Asian Nations.

THERE are serious apprehensions and grave trepidations from responsible and reputable institutions and personalities on the perils of a Ferdinand Marcos Jr. presidency.

Expressing these grim concerns are Pantheon Macroeconomics, a United Kingdom-based think tank; Japan’s Nomura Global Research; and American Credit Rating Agency Fitch Solutions and Country Risk and Industry Research, among others.

FERDINAND Marcos Jr. balked at participating in an interview featuring five leading presidential candidates by multi-awarded broadcast journalist Jessica Soho on the contrived belief that Soho is “biased against the Marcoses” without specifying the reasons for his suspicion of Soho’s partiality.

THE travails of unvaccinated Novak Djokovic, the world's number one tennis star, in an unsuccessful attempt to stay in Melbourne to defend his title at the Australian Open this January, has brought to focus once again the individual's right to refuse Covid-19 vaccination and the reasonable restrictions and restraints on such person consequent to the exercise of his right.

THE exhilarating news is that the increase in our population growth rate (PGR) in 2021 is the lowest in 75 years at 0.3 percent since the 1945-1946 period. The increase is minimal at 324,000 new Filipinos, or 2 million less than what was earlier projected based on a 1.63 percent PGR.