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IT is perplexing and embarrassing that while the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic is overwhelmingly disastrous to the Filipinos’ health and the country’s economy, the Duterte administration’s response is by inadequate phases and anemic installments.

IMPEACHMENT is an awesome power constitutionally vested in the Congress. It is shared by the House of Representatives which has the exclusive power to initiate and prosecute impeachment cases, and the Senate which has the sole power to try and decide such cases. For better or for worse, impeachment can reverse the electoral will when  an elected official like the president is removed, or it can negate the appointing power of the president when a presidential appointee like a justice of the Supreme Court is ousted.

(Last of two parts)

THE Supreme Court in the very recent case of Tan-Andal v. Andal facilitates the nullification of marriage based on psychological incapacity of a spouse under Art. 36 of the Family Code, which originated from Canon law. It unanimously reinforces and clarifies that psychological incapacity is a not a medical but a legal concept. Consequently, the testimony of a psychologist or psychiatrist is not always mandatory. This appears to presage the reinstitution by the Congress of absolute divorce which likewise liberalizes the dissolution of marriage under specific grounds through an inexpensive and expeditious judicial proceeding.