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THE Supreme Court in the very recent case of Tan-Andal v. Andal facilitates the nullification of marriage based on psychological incapacity of a spouse under Art. 36 of the Family Code, which originated from Canon law. It unanimously reinforces and clarifies that psychological incapacity is a not a medical but a legal concept. Consequently, the testimony of a psychologist or psychiatrist is not always mandatory. This appears to presage the reinstitution by the Congress of absolute divorce which likewise liberalizes the dissolution of marriage under specific grounds through an inexpensive and expeditious judicial proceeding.

The serious problem on the actual and projected disconnection of electric service in various localities and communities of Albay due to reported huge delinquencies in the payment of electric bills and rampant pilferage through illegal connections must not be allowed to deteriorate without immediate and long term solutions.

THE Philippines is the only country in the world today which outlaws absolute divorce, aside from the almost celibate Vatican city state. It is hard to believe that all the other countries collectively erred in instituting absolute divorce in varying degrees of liberality and limitations. An en masse blunder is beyond comprehension. An erroneous unanimity on such a crucial familial institution defies reason and experience. Obviously, the rest of the world cannot be mistaken on the universality of absolute divorce.

Opposition Rep. Edcel C. Lagman reminded President Rodrigo Duterte that the serious matter of Philippine sovereignty is sacrosanct and should not be denigrated into a “campaign joke”. 

Admitting a hyperbolic joke does not mitigate Duterte’s reneging on his sworn constitutional duty to uphold the country’s sovereign rights in the West Philippine Sea. 

DRUG use and abuse date back to antiquity. Strands of hair from mummies have revealed the intake of drugs millennia ago by ancient Egyptians. Sumerians had opium around 3500 BCE, early Chinese consumed marijuana about 3000 BCE, and South American Incas used the hallucinogen vilca from 2100 BCE.