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The brouhaha on charter change has pushed the Senate and the House of Representatives into a confrontation which is divisive and disruptive.

President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. must broker a solution to diffuse the impending impasse in order that the executive and legislative departments can truly focus on the overriding crises in the economy, food security, escalating prices of basic commodities, miseducation, ballooning debt stock and debt servicing, and the continuing aggression of China in the West Philippine Sea.

The 1987 Constitution is blameless for these continuing crises which are due to flawed policies, skewed implementation of laws, continuing official corruption, and lack of stability and predictability of government policies.

The question on whether a constituent assembly must vote jointly or separately must be resolved by the Supreme Court in a proper case, and must not be construed by partisans who have ulterior motives on the voting procedure by the constituent assembly.