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The history of nations is punctuated by the intense rivalry for expansion and power from ancient times, to the Persian and Roman empires, to the European nations’ quest for colonies in Asia and the Americas, the Napoleonic wars, and down to the present day powerplay between United States and China in the West Philippine Sea (also known as the South China Sea) and the Taiwan Straits, disturbing the geopolitical landscape in Southeast Asia and East Asia.

(Delivered by Rep. Edcel C. Lagman on 05 September 2023)

Pregnancy should invariably be an occasion for joy. It should not elicit dread or unhappiness in the prospective mother. For most women, a pregnancy is a long-awaited dream. But for adolescent girls, it may mean the end of their dreams. What should be a source of pride becomes a brand of dishonor and disgrace for unmarried adolescents. What should be a cause for celebration and cheer becomes a basis of castigation and criticism. What should be a forecast of life becomes a foreboding of death.

(delivered by Rep. Edcel C. Lagman on 25 July 2023)

The Counter-SONA, as the name suggests, is principally a critique of what the President said and failed to say in his State of the Nation Address.

I am certain you know of the Philippines’ “Open Doors Policy” in the late 1930s when with extreme altruism and liberality, President Manuel L. Quezon open our borders to more than 1,200 Holocaust refugees  and saved them from persecution and certain death.