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Rm. N-411, House of Representatives, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
+63 2 931 5497, +63 2 931 5001 local 7370




  • University of the Philippines Graduate, Bachelor of Laws (1966) and Bachelor of Arts (1962), cum laude

  • Doctor of Humanities (honoris causa) conferred by the Bicol University (21 June 2013)

  • Scholastic Awards Received:
    • University and College Scholar (1958 – 1966)

    • Recipient, UP Presidential Pin for Academic Excellence, 1962

    • Life Member, Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society since 1962

    • Life Member, Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society since 1962

    • Member, Order of the Purple Feather (UP Law Honor Society)

    • Bienvenido Gonzales Memorial Law Scholar

    • UP Law Alumni Scholar

  • Editor, UP Law Register, 1962-1963, and Managing Editor, The Philippine Collegian, 1965

  • University Councilor, UP Student Council, 1964

  • Most Outstanding Congressman – The Philippines Free Press (1998); Consumer Welfare Foundation of the Philippines (9th Congress); Makati School of Journalism and the Arts (10th Congress)

  • Consistently chosen every year Outstanding Congressman

  • Filipino of the Year Awardee, Isyu Newspaper 1997

  • Finalist, Filipino of the Year, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2012

  • International Awardee, Recognized by the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development, May 2012, and the Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development, October 2012 as an International Legislative Champion for his indispensable role in the enactment of a reproductive health law in the Philippines; and the International EXCELL Award for Excellence in Leadership for Family Planning (January 2016)

  • Other Major Awards, Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC) Awardee, 1999; Golden Scroll Awardee for Public Service, 2000; Mamamayan Ayaw sa Droga (MAD) Awardee, 2000; and PARC Awardee on the 20th Anniversary of CARP, 2008.



  • Undersecretary of the Department of Budget and Management (1986-1987)

  • Chairman of Major Congressional Committees (Appropriations, 14th Congress; Overseas Workers Affairs, 13th Congress; Justice, 10th Congress; and Agrarian Reform, 8th Congress)

  • Senior Deputy Minority Leader (9th and 10th Congresses)

  • Deputy Majority Leader (13th Congress)

  • Minority Leader (15th Congress)

  • Former Director, Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation

  • Centennial President, Rotary Club of South Triangle

  • Principal Convenor, MAKATAO (Mambabatas Para sa Karapatang Pantao), 17th Congress to present

  • Leader, Magnificent 7 Opposition Bloc, the only authentic, credible, and constructive opposition in the House of Representatives (17th Congress)

  • Honorary Chairman, Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance (FIND) to present

  • Chairman Emeritus, Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) – 2016 to present

  • Current Columnist, The Manila Times

  • Former Columnist, Sun Star Manila, Isyu Magazine, and Good Morning Philippines

  • Contributing Columnist, Philippine Daily Inquirer.



  • PREVENTION OF CHILD MARRIAGE BILL – HB 9943 or An Act Protecting Children by Prohibiting and Declaring Child Marriage as Illegal.

  • PREVENTION OF ADOLESCENT PREGNANCY BILL – HB 2297 or An Act Providing for a National Policy In Preventing Teenage Pregnancies and Institutionalizing Social Protection for Teenage Parents.

  • HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS BILL – HB 15 or Act Defining the Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Human Rights Defenders, Declaring State Responsibilities, and Instituting Effective Mechanisms for the Protection and Promotion of These Rights and Freedoms.

  • REINSTITUTION OF ABSOLUTE DIVORCE BILL – HB No. 100 or An Act Reinstituting Absolute Divorce on the Philippines, a pro-woman legislation that will liberate wives from failed and ill-fated marriages which are abusive, unhappy and violent.

  • CULTURAL SIGHTLINE BILL – HB No. 8829 or the Anti-Photobomber Bill seeking to protect the physical integrity of cultural properties and penalizing any obstruction to its view and sightline.

  • BILL REPEALING ARTICLE 133 OF THE REVISED PENAL CODE – HB No. 5170 seeks to repeal Art. 133 of the RPC on “Offending Religious Feeling” which is anathema to freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in the 1935, 1973, and 1987 Constitutions.

  • WASTE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY BILL – HB No. 7829 which promotes the use of the state-of-the-art, environmentally-sound and safe technologies for the handling, treatment, utilization, and dispersal of residual wastes.

  • ADDED PROTECTION AGAINST RAPE AND SEXUAL ABUSE - HB 7836 which provides stronger protection against rape and sexual exploitation and abuse and increases the age for determining the commission of statutory rape.

  • PROTECTING THE REMITTANCES OF OFWs BILL – HB 7951 which seeks to provide additional protection to Overseas Filipino Workers by safeguarding their remittances.

  • HOUSE BILL NO. 9424 or “An Act Renewing for Another Twenty-Five (25) Years the Franchise Granted to Bicol Telephone and Telegraph, Inc. Under Republic Act No. 6603,aAs Amended by Republic Act No. 8342, Entitled "An Act Granting the Bicol Telephone and Telegraph, Inc. a Franchise to Construct, Establish, Install, Maintain and Operate Local Exchange Network in the Provinces of Albay and Sorsogon".

  • HOUSE BILL NO. 8619 or An Act Granting Capricom Broadcasting Network Corp. a Franchise to Construct, Install, Operate and Maintain Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations in Tabaco City, Province of Albay, and Other Areas in the Philippines.

  • BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION MODERNIZATION BILL – HB 8850 will modernize the Bureau of Immigration which was created 81 years ago under Commonwealth Act No. 613 in 1940 and will further professionalize its organization and upgrade the compensation and benefits of its officials and employees.

  • ANTI-RED TAGGING BILL – HB 9437 which criminalizes the vicious act of red-tagging which not only stifles dissent but also endangers the lives of the people red-tagged and often ends in their death or injury.

  • COVID-19 RESPONSE ACT – HB 6693 which was incorporated in the Bayanihan I Act. (REPUBLIC ACT NO. 11469).

  • HOUSE BILL 6815 which became the Bayanihan II Act (REPUBLIC ACT NO. 11494).

  • REPUBLIC ACT NO. 11466 or the Salary Standardization Act of 2019 authorizing the grant of additional benefits to civilian government personnel.

  • REPUBLIC ACT NO. 11950 which taxes persons engaged in Philippine Offshore Gaming Corporations (POGOs).



  • ZIGA HOSPITAL - HB 7355 increasing the bed capacity of the Ziga Memorial District Hospital from 50 to 250 with adequate funding.

  • SOGIE BILL - HB 4982 probihiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.

  • MENTAL HEALTH LAW- RA 11036, landmark law providing affordable and accessible mental health care for all Filipinos and removing the stigma on mental illness.

  • COCO LEVY - HB 5745 providing for the utilization of the Coco Levy Funds for coconut farmers and development of the coconut industry.

  • MATERNITY LEAVE LAW – RA 11210 increasing paid maternity leave from 60 to 105 days and providing more benefits to mothers with solo working mothers enjoying 120 days of paid leave.

  • SAFE SPACES BILL- HB 8794 assuring gender protection in public places.

  • B. NO. 8870 – Prohibiting the enforcement of a dismissal or suspension order by an administrative agency or quasi-judicial tribunal pending the resolution of a motion for reconsideration or appeal.

  • HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS BILL - B. 8128 protecting human rights defenders from atrocities and abuses.

  • HOUSE BILL NO. 4742 – preventing adolescent pregnancy, which causes high-risk pregnancies and maternal deaths among teenagers.

  • HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 27 – Suspending the increases and scheduled increases in the excise taxes on fuel, to address the escalation of the inflation rate.



  1. Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law (Republic Act [R.A.] No. 10354)

  2. Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law (R.A. 6657) and Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms (R.A. 9700)

  3. Compensation to Martial Law Victims (R.A. No. 10368)

  4. Criminalization of Enforced Disappearance (R.A. No. 10353)

  5. Anti-Torture Act (R.A. No. 9745)

  6. Free High School Education Act (R.A. No. 6655)

  7. Cheaper Medicines Act (R.A. No. 9502)

  8. Increased Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) to Local Government Units (R.A. No. 7160)

  9. Centenarian Act of 2016 granting additional benefits and privileges to Filipino Centenarians (R.A. No. 10868)

  10. Mandatory Biometrics Registration Act (R.A. No. 10367)

  11. Continuing Voters’ Registration Law (R.A. No. 8189)

  12. Salary Standardization Laws increasing the salaries of government personnel

  13. Creation of the San Francisco Institute of Science and Technology (SFIST) in Malilipot (R.A. No. 7936)

  14. Creation of the Bicol University Tabaco Campus (R.A. No. 8522)

  15. Establishment of the Malinao Regional Drug Rehabilitation Center (R.A. No. 8250)

  16. Grant of Personnel Emergency Relief Allowance (PERA) to government employees and the increased allowances of barangay officials as institutionalized in various General Appropriations Acts (GAAs)

  17. Various Republic Acts granting wage increases and benefits to private sector workers

  18. Abolition of the Death Penalty (R.A. No. 9346)

  1. Expansion of the San Jose Community College and the Tiwi Community College as funded under various GAAs

  2. Construction of road networks in the mainland, upland barangays, San Miguel Island and Cagraray Island including the Sula Bridge connecting Cagraray Island to the mainland as funded by various GAAs

  3. Granting shares to Local Government Units (LGUs) in the exploration and utilization of national wealth and resource in their respective areas, like geothermal energy in the Municipality of Tiwi. (R.A. No. 7160)

  4. Scholarships, free medical assistance, livelihood support programs and creation of nationalized barangay high schools funded under various GAAs

  5. Increased Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) to Local Government Units (R.A. No. 7160)

  6. Tax exemption and deductions for ordinary workers and employees (R.A. No. 8424)



  1. Continuation of the socio-economic development of the First District (education, health, infrastructure, tourism, protection of the agricultural and labor sectors).

  2. Giving additional importance to the role of millennials and women in nation-building.

  3. Addressing the problems of an aging population.

  4. Continued advocacy for the protection and promotion of human rights.

  5. Sustained crusade against the drug menace and rehabilitation of drug dependents.

  6. Sufficient funding for livelihood programs and projects.

  7. Judicial and penal reforms.

  8. Electoral reforms.

  9. Adequate funding for healthcare programs and facilities.

  10. Enhanced sports development.



  • “Take care of your health. I am impressed with your legislative performance the same way I was when you were my First Deputy Minister of Budget.” – Excerpt from a letter of Cory Aquino to Rep. Edcel C. Lagman, 08 January 1997
  • What distinguishes Lagman from ordinary lawmakers is his decency and sense of propriety. To his colleagues and the gallery watchers at the House of Representatives, the name Lagman is associated with constructive fiscalizing, superb interpellations and noteworthy examinations during committee meetings and floor debates. – Philippine Free Press, 10 January 2018.
  • Edcel Lagman is the Lion in Congress for the Reproductive Health Bill.” – Pres. Fidel Ramos in a speech at the PICC, 26 August 2009
  • Edcel Lagman is an outspoken advocate of sexual and reproductive health rights in a very hostile environment, where religious forces within and around government have a huge influence on the most personal aspects of women’s reproductive health, rights and choices.” – President George Tsereteli of the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development, 25 May 2012
  • Lagman is a credit to the Lower House. He kept his words choice, he stuck to reason and veered the debates away from the gutter. That deserves respect.” – Jo-Ann Maglipon, columnist of the Manila Times, 08 October 1997
  • “We can understand how the congressmen would like to be at par with senators. At this point, some of them are more than at par with them as abilities go, they are better. Certainly, Edcel Lagman, Joker Arroyo and Bonifacio Gillego have infinitely better claims.” – Editorial, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 20 January 1994
  • “Lagman wears his passionate stand in issues on his sleeve, the man often eschews party politics in favor of candor. He religiously goes to the session hall to attend sessions, regardless of the many issues calendared for floor deliberations.” – Gerry Lirio, Sunday Inquirer Magazine, 04 June 2006
  • “It’s this kind of courage and self-confidence that Lagman employs within the House, where he wields a kind of silent authority over even older colleagues … This is the kind of man and legislator Lagman is: loyal, dogged, daring and unafraid.” – Rina Jimenez-David, columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, 19 May 2010
  • "The Excellence in Leadership For Family Planning at the individual team level is presented to Honorable Edcel Lagman for his patient and impatient optimism, brilliant sense of strategy, and unwavering dedication to supporting population, reproductive health and the family planning movement throughout his legislative career." – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 26 January 2016
  • “Edcel Lagman is a rock star among human rights advocates. He is one of those I know who are truly pro-poor and pro-people.” – Elizabeth Angsioco, columnist of the Manila Standard, 04 March 2017
  • Edcel Lagman has worked within the system and not underground. Still, his social and economic justice themes are similar to what his dead brothers (Hermon and Filemon) fought for – only the mode and strategies differed. Anti-authoritarianism, economic safety nets, the reversal of antediluvian population programs are his core policy planks, the planks of progressives working within the liberal democratic system.” – Marlen V. Ronquillo, columnist of the Manila Times, 17 September 2017
  • Edcel Lagman, the man who defied the odds – my most profound admiration and love.” – Dr. Marilen J. Danguilan, author of “The RH Bill Story” and National Book Award recipient
  • Recently, in a period of less than one month, the Philippine Daily Inquirer wrote favorably about Edcel C. Lagman in the following editorials:
    1. 31 Jan. 2019 - Where’s Hope in Bahay Pag-asa (about Lagman’s opposition to the reduction of the minimum age of criminal responsibility);
    2. 06 Feb 2019 - What are They Hiding (on a House Resolution making it difficult to access the SALNs of Congressmen which Lagman opposed);
    3. 08 Feb 2019 - Tragic Outbreak (on the measles outbreak where Lagman proposed house-to-house measles vaccination which is now being implemented by the Department of Health);
    4. 22 Feb 2019 - “Desaparecidos” Twice Over (Re: Lagman’s opposition to the request of the Duterte administration for the delisting of victims from the records of the UN Working Group on Involuntary Disappearance); and
    5. 26 Feb 2019 - Dangerous Doctrine (about the third extension of martial law in Mindanao which Lagman challenged before the Supreme Court).