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DRUG use and abuse date back to antiquity. Strands of hair from mummies have revealed the intake of drugs millennia ago by ancient Egyptians. Sumerians had opium around 3500 BCE, early Chinese consumed marijuana about 3000 BCE, and South American Incas used the hallucinogen vilca from 2100 BCE.

Bicolano activists are the latest victims of the pernicious pattern of red-tagging, terror-baiting, and evidence-planting. 

In simultaneous raids in Bicolandia in the wee hours of Sunday, 02 May 2021, Daniel Balucio, a pastor of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines and spokesperson of the Bicol Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, of Barangay San Isidro, Sto. Domingo, Albay, and Sarah Sta. Rosa, spokesperson of Jovenes Anakbayan in Bicol, of Naga City, were arrested and detained after police operatives allegedly recovered guns and explosives from their respective houses.  

The Duterte administration’s catastrophic response to the Covid-19 pandemic’s continuing onslaught is a veritable indictment of the lackadaisical performance of President Rodrigo Duterte in confronting the contagion. This will be an overriding issue in the 2022 elections. Since Duterte is barred from running for reelection, his surrogate candidate for president and other anointed aspirants will bear the brunt of defending his dismal response. Duterte’s disastrous performance dooms his candidates as the voters will unleash their fury and frustration on election day.

Solicitor General Jose Calida’s braggadocio in his soliloquy when he delivered his opening statement during the resumption of the oral argument in the anti-terrorism petitions before the Supreme Court is deflated by his demurrer to answer interpellations from the Justices by suffering his associates themselves to reply to the Justices’ probing questions.