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Not since the Black Death decimated 60% of the afflicted populations in Europe and Western Asia in the mid-14th century has a deadly contagion devastated the world with inordinate loss of lives and crippling economic downturn than the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Worldwide, as of 05 May 2020, there are 3,596,142 confirmed positive cases, 251,718 of whom had died and 1,170,779 recovered.

I vote “No” on House Bill No. 59 which further inordinately allows foreigners to own and operate retail stores in the Philippines.

Our economic leaders’ excessive predisposition to attracting foreign investments is grossly unpatriotic, even as the thesis that abandoning the nationality barriers will lead to the rapid entry of foreign capital is purely theoretical.

I vote against House Bill No. 78 or the “New Public Service Act” which is fatally violative of the Constitution as it allows traditional and sensitive public utilities like transportation and telecommunication companies to be owned and operated by foreigners to the extent of 100%.

This is contrary to Section 11 of Article XII of the Constitution which reserves the ownership, operation, control and management of public utilities to Filipino citizens or to corporations or associations at least 60 per centum of whose capital is owned by Filipinos.