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The defense of Rep. Stella Quimbo of the confidential funds, particularly of the Office of the Vice President and the Department of Education, and the Maharlika Investment Fund, contrary to the collective position of the leadership and ranking members of the Liberal Party of the Philippines, has resulted in some clamor to sanction Rep. Quimbo as a Party member.

Although it has to be noted that she has later conceded that the utilization and audit of secret funds must be made more transparent and officials made more accountable.

The enduring tradition of the Liberal Party is to allow its members to take independent views on national issues in recognition of a member’s freedom of expression and dissent.  

Rep. Stella Quimbo is still a member of the Liberal Party. 

The foregoing decision was unanimously reached by the ManCom of the Party, together with some district representatives, and Rep. Edcel Lagman, as President of the Party, was authorized to issue this statement.