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(Delivered by Rep. Edcel C. Lagman on the blessing of the New Legislative Building, Tiwi, Albay on 31 August 2021)

Honorable Mayor Jaime C. Villanueva; Honorable Vice Mayor Jose Morel C. Climaco; Honorable Members of the Sangguinang Bayan of Tiwi, Albay; Reverend Father Jose Chavenia, Jr.; members of the family of the late Honorable Vice Mayor David C. Beato, other municipal officials and personnel, guests, ladies and gentlemen, Dios marhay na aga saindo gabos.

I am informed that the Tiwi New Legislative Building is being named “Honorable Vice Mayor David C. Beato Legislative Hall” in honor of the late Pay David.

This is proper and appropriate because Pay David had initiated and caused the completion of this project. Magpuon pa can 2016 pirme pig-pa-follow up sakuya ni Pay David na daeng kapagalan ang pondo para sa pag guibo kaining Legislative Building.

P4-M was released in 2016 for the following works: (a) demolition/removal of existing structure; (b) structural reinforced concrete like retro-fitting of columns, concrete slabs for mezzanine and 2nd Floor, stairs from ground floor to second floor; (c) cement plaster finish; (d) structural steel thrushes; (e) roofing, pre-painted steel metals; (f) electrical; and (g) formworks.

In 2019, the amount of P2-M was released for the completion of the project, including (a) concrete masonry, (b) cement plaster finish; (c) painting works; (d) storm drainage and down spouts; (e) steel windows; (f) doors; and (g) tile works.

The ground floor consisting of 160.88 square meters serves as the waterworks office and an open space. The mezzanine area, consisting of 122.61 square meters, houses the offices of the eight (8) regular members of the Sangguniang Bayan and two (2) Ex-Officio members representing the Association of Barangay Councils and the Federation of the Sangguniang Kabataan and their respective staffs. 

I am truly thankful that the local government of Tiwi has funded the installation and fabrication of cubicles for SB Members and their staff.

The second floor, consisting of 145.70 square meters houses the SB Session Hall, the Office of the SB secretary, SB staff offices and the Office of the Vice Mayor.

Ini tabing Tiwi New Legislative Building iyo an unico na project na arog ka ini na sakuyang pinondohan digdi sa primer distrito can Albay. Nahaloy tabi su pag release can pondo/ ta dae man na categoriya sa budget na Legislative Building/ kaya guinibo mi na an classification iyo Multi-Purpose Building.

Mawot ko na pagkatapos can ining pag bendisyon asin pag inagurar kan saindong Legislaive Building, an local na lehislasyon magiging more efficient, more productive and more pro-active.

Satuyang pirming rumdomon asin ipamibi si Honorable Vise Alcalde David C. Beato, THE MAN BEHIND THIS LEGISLATIVE BUILDING.

Congratulations to all of you and more power to the people of Tiwi.

Mabalos saindo gabos.