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There are two major acts of international consequence which the Marcos Jr. administration can undertake to greatly enhance the entry of foreign investments in the country without amending the economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution. 

First, allow the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) prosecutors to resume the investigation of crimes against humanity which were committed consequent to the vicious and brutal campaign on illegal drugs by former President Rodrigo Duterte.

The contumacious refusal of the Philippine government to submit to the clear jurisdiction of the ICC makes the Philippines a renegade in the community of nations and deters foreign investors from coming in. 

Second, order the public prosecutors to withdraw their feeble opposition to former Senator Leila de Lima’s petition for bail.

The release of De Lima after almost six years of odious incarceration will bolster the government’s claim of adherence to human rights and the rule of law and will convince investors that they will have a safe haven in the country.