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I am certain Speaker Martin Romualdez has the incriminatory details and evidence regarding the plot to oust him. 

However, Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo denied the accusation and said that her political objectives do not include becoming Speaker again. In other words, she no longer covets the Speakership.

It is incumbent for the Speaker, in the interest of the House Members still in the dark, to reveal the inculpatory details of a plot by GMA for her to deserve such an abrupt, unceremonious, and humiliating demotion from Senior Deputy Speaker to one of the many Deputy Speakers.

But there can be no conspiracy of one. Who are the other conspirators? Why are they not similarly punished? Maybe they do not have any important positions in the House from which they can be demoted.

In hindsight, there should have been first a confrontation between the protagonists before any penalty was imposed. 

Although it appears that GMA has accepted her fate, politics is not only a show of force, it is also a show of appearances. 

Protagonists kiss and make up in public with daggers behind their backs. Token gestures of amity actually hide enmity.

The drama in the House has not ended. Astute and experienced politician that she is, GMA will not take lying down her humiliating and insulting demotion. She may be biding her time to make a counteroffensive.