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The Duterte administration must not compound its culpable inadequacy of rescuing the poor from the abyss of the pandemic by red-tagging and profiling the good Samaritans who have put up community pantries to help the poorest of the poor.

The first community pantry in Maginhawa St., Quezon City had to close down temporarily because the police started red-tagging its organizer, Ana Patricia Non, and barraged her with inquisitorial questions. These harassments by State agents are replicated against other sponsors of community pantries.

The Duterte administration must stop crucifying the good Samaritans.

Instead of encouraging the healthy mushrooming nationwide of community pantries, police elements are harassing as enemies of the State the organizers and sponsors of these free food-for-the-poor outlets.

The government must not conceal its shame for failing the disadvantaged and marginalized sectors by enforcing repressive measures against those who are voluntarily helping neglected Filipinos.

We call on all like-minded citizens to organize and sustain community pantries nationwide and those who have the means to regularly donate food items, medicine, and clothing.