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I want to make it clear that I am not a member of the committee on legislative franchises, for which reason I was not entitled to vote on the issue whether or not to grant ABS-CBN a renewed franchise. 

However, as a Member of the House of Representatives I have the right to voice out my position during the joint committee hearings.

I remain steadfast in my advocacy that ABS-CBN is entitled to a fresh franchise because it has not violated the Constitution, any law, and the provisions of its franchise under R.A. No. 7699, more particularly Section 4 on its responsibility to the public, Sec. 8 on its tax payments, and Sec. 9 on observing self-regulation.       

I reiterate my observation that the instant recommendation of the so-called Technical Working Group (TWG) was a brief or memorandum on behalf of those opposing the renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise, and it was prepared to decimate the bid of ABS-CBN for franchise renewal.

I shall in due time make a point-by-point rebuttal of the off-tangent assessments made by the TWG on the major issues raised against ABS-CBN.