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My call for Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano not to sign with alacrity the enrolled bill on the “Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020” is further justified by the withdrawal of some Representatives of their affirmative votes as well as the clarification of their conditional “yes” votes.

Even the declaration of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque that a prior thorough review of the constitutional issues concerning the bill will be conducted by the Office of the President before the controversial measure is submitted for presidential action also justifies the holding in abeyance the transmittal of the enrolled bill.

This deferral of the enrolled bill’s transmittal would afford both the House of Representatives and the Senate to make their own respective reviews of the measure to cleanse it of constitutional infirmities.

As long as the enrolled bill is not yet delivered to Malacañang, either or both the House and the Senate retain jurisdiction over the bill and can recall or rescind its approval on third reading.