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We must not compromise or forfeit the Filipino’s patrimony by liberalizing the foreign equity and ownership of sensitive corporations and enterprises at the expense of Filipino controlling capital and management.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) does not include the amendment of nationalistic constitutional provisions as an imperative inducement for the entry of foreign direct investments.

The following major determinants for foreign investment are listed by the OECD: (a) ease of doing business; (b) elimination or significant reduction of official corruption; (c) predictability of government policies; (d) adequate and enabling infrastructure; (e) faster and reliable internet speed; and (f) cheaper cost of power.

Moreover, the extension of term limits of executive and legislative elected officials must never be an agenda of charter change as this issue has been popularly rejected time and again in surveys as it is not justified and derogates the people’s fixed and regular exercise of electoral mandate.